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Benefits of ordering online with Tire Distributors Inc.

  • Access to your account 24-7
  • Check availability of inventory , pricing, specials
  • Simple point and click interface
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    Our systems ability to order online enables you to have the distinct advantage of having access to your account 24-7!
    You will be able to check availability of inventory , pricing, specials and a host of other hi tech features and benefits. This gives you the professional edge over the competition that you need in today’s business environment. Below is a short overview of the many features TDI's online ordering system has to offer to our customers.

    1 - Inventory and Specials
    TDI's customers can review an indicative list of items in our inventory. Including specials, with sophisticated filters that allow you to refine by brand, category or by element to find particular sizes or class of tire faster and more professionally than traditionally done.

    2 - Technical Information
    TDI's technical product information for most of our inventory is all online in an easy to use point and click interface.

    3 - Invoicing
    TDI's customers can operate more professionally by the automated functions in our 'Online Ordering System'. Our Ordering System systemizes the generation and retrieval of invoices for any completed order made within or outside the TDI ordering process. You may keep invoices electronically or print and file them for reference, all in a user friendly environment.

    4 - Orders
    The ordering components within our Ordering System is one of the most sophisticated and simplistic to operate in the tire industry today.

    5 - By size
    You may order items by complete, short hand or partial tire sizes all validated instantly to items in TDI's inventory.

    6 - By product code
    You may order by a specified product code to direct them to a desired brand and size.

    7 - By element
    You may order by a specific or a series of elements by class, rating or measurement. With all ordering components is the capacity to build multiple itemed orders. As well is the capacity to suspend, review, archive, delete and print.

    8 - Communicate
    With the communication toolsTDI will keep you informed of upcoming and current promotions and specials. You can keep in touch with your customers with an after sales service reminder. Informing your customers when it's time for their next wheel alignment or rotation as well forecasting remaining mileage on their tires. As often in times, you won't know if a customer is dissatisfied unless you ask. TDI's 'Online Ordering System' gives you the chance to resolve any service issues.

    9 - Regional and Multilingual Settings
    One major feature in the Online Ordering System system is full compliance to cross regional settings. Including up to 14 language translations and countless regional selections for currency, measurement, date, time and formats. Allowing you as a customer of TDI to globally deliver your products to your customers.

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